Sunday, March 16, 2014

Brazen Boy

You said sorry
& so it all began again.
A little different-- it has been a year,
but completely the same. Wholly the same.
Like déjá vu

The clock striked midnight--
The day before St. Patty's.
You freshly single.
Last minute-- reckless-- plans at a bar
that are just an excuse
to be near each other.
Coy as fuck.

My friend leaves early-- we drink more.

You're upset about her.
You're infatuated with me.

You call me baby-- what does that mean?
                                is it meant for me?

Three years later-- we're still 18
                              and fresh


  1. Hi Caroline, I like this a lot - sings true to me,,, "Coy as fuck..." is a great line. With Best wishes Scott